With its casual waves and sexy messiness, tousled bedhead hair looks chic, effortless, and low-maintenance.

But not all of us are genetically blessed with the perfect thick hair that allows us to roll out of bed with a perfectly mussed bedhead. Here are some tips on how to pull off bedhead.

1. Wash your hair before you go to bed. Time it so you can hit the pillow when your hair is about 90% air-dried.

2. While you’re waiting for it to dry, apply product. Run a mousse through your hair while it’s still damp; it’ll help smooth unruly strands and tame the frizz.

3. Then, smooth out with a detangling brush. If you skip this step, you risk waking up with a tangled bird’s nest.



Everyone loves getting a blowdry.  Of course, blowdrys tend to devolve at a certain point – roots get oily, on the second-or-third-day hair starts to look dull. No worries, here are three foolproof steps for extending your blowdry!

1. Dry shampoo is a lifesaver, not only because it controls oil and buildup between shampoos, but because it gives hair body at the root (simply apply, flip hair over, and massage into your scalp), leaving hair fresh, clean, and lushly tousled.

2. Hair fragrance, it’s a sad fact that hair can carry the scent of whatever it’s exposed to. Nothing freshens an aging blowdry like our Evo shine spray called ‘Love Touch’. Not only does this lightweight, faintly-scented mist smell like watermelon and starburst lollies in a bottle, it also manages to fight frizz and strand static.

3. Satin pillowcase. After the second day, your blowout can look a bit blah and shine-free and when hairs rub up against the rough cotton fibers in your pillowcase, it can result in an ever duller-looking finish. Sleep on a satin or silk pillowcase, instead—the shiny surface helps hair retain its natural oils and look glossier than ever.



Of all the things on your list in the morning, I have to say blow-drying your hair is probably not at the top. Not-fully-awake and holding something mildly heavy and noisy over my head for five to ten minutes and there’s always that one spot you didn’t dry well enough.

How about a few ways to style your hair without having to blow-dry it.

1. Do the bun! When you are in a hurry, there is nothing that seems as chic as a bun. Starting with towel-dried hair, comb your hair back into a slick tight high or low ponytail.  Once secured with a ponytail holder, twist the hair around itself into an effortless, clean bun.

2. Air-dried waves, it’s all about product choice, application, and timing. It’s important that you apply plenty of product when the hair is gently towel-dried. Try applying a cream wax first, sectioning the hair in different-shaped and sized sections, and twisting the sections. Once the whole head has been twisted, mist a salt spray over the top.

3. Braids are versatile, quick and easy. Keep damp hair braided until dry and untie them for shiny, kinky waves, or keep them in place and out of the way all day. Play with parting hair in different places and angles.