Got a couple of questions that need answering?

Thought so….that’s why we have brought them to you.  Check out the most googled beauty questions from a couple of countries.

France –When does makeup expire?

Play it extra safe with anything that goes on or around the eye,  toss mascara, liquid eyeliners, and concealers after three months.  Anything liquid, from skin creams to makeup, should be trashed after a year (or as soon as it separates), while powder and shadow can stay fresh for up to two years and sanitize brushes and tools weekly.

Brazil – How often to shampoo hair?

Women with a lot of sebum production benefit from daily cleansing. Drier hair types can do with as little as once a week.

Australia – Is it bad to sleep with wet hair?

Water causes strands to swell; over time, this could weaken hair from the inside out.  The healthiest option, if not the speediest, is to dry on the lowest heat setting, with the dryer held at least six inches away from the head.

IndiaWhich vitamins are good for hair & skin?

Load up on vitamin C, which supports collagen production, as well as on omega-3 fatty acids, which reduce inflammation, improve elasticity, and help the skin maintain hydration. Antioxidant-rich foods—think berries and veggies such as beans, artichokes, and russet potatoes—reduce free-radical stress in the body as well as the skin. Both Zinc and B complex vitamins, are excellent hair helpers that up shine, reduce breakage, and increase moisture retention and vitamin E gives an extra boost to strands too.

United Arab Emirates What are makeup basics every girl should have?

Products that do double duty are heroes, go-to minimal essentials are a cheek/lip tint, an ultra blendable concealer that can double as a foundation, a smudgy  pencil that can create a fine line or a smoky eye, plus a mascara. Then add your personal preferences, such as a highlighter for more glow or a brow pencil for arch definition.