Hair envy is a condition as old as time, women through the centuries have been envying their neighbour’s glorious texture.

But who could fault straight-haired ladies for wanting a divine halo of silky curls?  In fact, according to a survey by L’Oreal Paris, 80% of women crave waves.

Expert tips to a bouncy, soft and touchable head of gorgeous waves:

1.  Mousse

You need a styling product that encourages the curl and holds the set.  Mousse thickens the cuticle and alters the texture slightly, so hair responds better to heat. Use a palm-sized amount for you whole head, more if you hair is long.

2.  Application

The best time to use a curl product is when your hair is towel dried and at least 70% wet.  The water helps distribute it evenly from the roots to tips, so curls dry uniformly.

3.  Don’t miss a spot

Curling sections underneath will bolster the ones on top.  If you have fine hair, you have to curl the whole head with a small iron to get it to wave.  Allow the bottom layers to cool before you do the top.

4.  Heat

Adequate heat makes all the difference between soft, shapely curls and sad, droopy ones.  Remember thick hair requires higher temperatures (180 degrees Celsius), while thin hair responds to a lower heat setting (less than 150 degrees Celsius).  To avoid excessive damage to your hair, always use a heat protectant first.

5.  The weather

If it’s humid and raining, don’t even bother curling your hair, save the curls for a night out instead!