Regardless of your New Year resolutions, there is always room for one more promise to yourself – and your hair.  Make sure you make a commitment to your hair.

1. In With the New, Out With the Old

Everybody has styling products, hairbrushes, accessories and tools that have been cluttering up their vanity or sink, drawers and counter space.

Throw away the products with expired dates, give away or throw away products and accessories that you don’t use and if your tools are old, toss them out.

2. I Will Make Maintenance a Priority

Commit yourself to your 6-week trims, your color touch-ups, deep conditioning treatments and hair masks. You will notice the difference and so will everybody else, and hair compliments always feel pretty good!

3. I Will Try New Hairstyles and Accessories

We browse the web and magazines for new hairstyles but then the time comes to actually style our hair and we stick with our go-to style.

Commit yourself to trying new hairstyles and accessories. Try a sparkly headband at the office or bejeweled bobby pins for brunch.

4. I’ll Beat My Flaws and Love My Hair

This is the year that you stop fighting your natural hair and start loving your hair.

There is a solution to every problem; some times it just takes some practice and product to get the hairstyle that works for you.

5. I Will Be Brave and Bold

Have you been dreaming about a long bob? Or perhaps a curly hairstyle or going red? This is the year that you stop hesitating over ‘should I or shouldn’t I’ and go for it.

All of your hair decisions should be made on sound research. To help you navigate the best cut or color for your New Year new look you can chat to us.