How much does it actually cost to go blonde?

I am excited by the number of twisted sisters going blonde or blonder this year, it has really been brightening up around here.

This process takes dedication, commitment and a budget.  As we lighten your hair, our priority is the strength and integrity of each hair strand.  It is important that you are patient with the blonding process, both in salon and between  visits.

You can never rush a good blonde! If you and your stylist have a #hairgoal we will walk you through each step and give you a quote every visit. Blonde is not for the fainthearted, it will be costly to take dark hair light, but the results will be head turning and less costly once you’ve reached your goal, and you will just need a regrowth touch up.

A deep conditioning mask at home, is a must,  to drench your lightened locks with nutrients between salon visits, this will keep your blonde hair sparkling.