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Change of Season

During winter months the air is drier and your hair may lack the moisture it needs. You may find that washing your hair less frequently and switching to an extra-moisturising shampoo and conditioner. Increasing the frequency of a deep conditioner may also help alleviate dryness, delivering the moisture your hair craves. In addition to changing […]


EASY STEPS TO CHIC BEDHEAD With its casual waves and sexy messiness, tousled bedhead hair looks chic, effortless, and low-maintenance. But not all of us are genetically blessed with the perfect thick hair that allows us to roll out of bed with a perfectly mussed bedhead. Here are some tips on how to pull off […]


IN 3 STEPS Everyone loves getting a blowdry.  Of course, blowdrys tend to devolve at a certain point – roots get oily, on the second-or-third-day hair starts to look dull. No worries, here are three foolproof steps for extending your blowdry! 1. Dry shampoo is a lifesaver, not only because it controls oil and buildup […]


AIR-DRIED HAIRSTYLING IDEAS Of all the things on your list in the morning, I have to say blow-drying your hair is probably not at the top. Not-fully-awake and holding something mildly heavy and noisy over my head for five to ten minutes and there’s always that one spot you didn’t dry well enough. How about […]

How much does it actually cost to go blonde? I am excited by the number of twisted sisters going blonde or blonder this year, it has really been brightening up around here. This process takes dedication, commitment and a budget.  As we lighten your hair, our priority is the strength and integrity of each hair […]

Regardless of your New Year resolutions, there is always room for one more promise to yourself – and your hair.  Make sure you make a commitment to your hair. 1. In With the New, Out With the Old Everybody has styling products, hairbrushes, accessories and tools that have been cluttering up their vanity or sink, […]

Beach maintenance Always take a leave-in conditioner to the beach and use it frequently, especially after swimming, make sure it has UVA and UVB filters to protect your hair from both types of UV rays. It’s just like sunscreen for hair without the greasiness. How to: Beach Waves, take your hair from beach to cocktails […]

Hair envy is a condition as old as time, women through the centuries have been envying their neighbour’s glorious texture. But who could fault straight-haired ladies for wanting a divine halo of silky curls?  In fact, according to a survey by L’Oreal Paris, 80% of women crave waves. Expert tips to a bouncy, soft and […]

Richelle Frith offers cosmetic injectables at Twisted Desire every month.  We have received such a great interest and take-up from our Twisted Sisters out there (have you not noticed these gorgeous woman out there, looking a bit younger ☺) Richelle and her business partner, Dr Kate Howson, have 18 years combined experience in the cosmetic […]

Got a couple of questions that need answering? Thought so….that’s why we have brought them to you.  Check out the most googled beauty questions from a couple of countries. France –When does makeup expire? Play it extra safe with anything that goes on or around the eye,  toss mascara, liquid eyeliners, and concealers after three […]