5 Minute Hair

We all need to have a couple of mega-fast ways to dress up our hair on the fly. The holidays are around the corner, you can use these gems to create your holiday look.

4 Ideas for taking your hair from zero to hero in 5 min or less, without heat styling tools.



Deep down, we all secretly long for that coveted hairstyle that stops traffic with a confident and strategic flick. Work it. But why stop there?

Let’s aim for one better and flaunt the hair that can act as an ecological warrior too. They’re called hair booms, and they’re being created to clean up oil spills around the world. That’s right, your hair can help protect the ocean.

Sustainable Salons Australia (SSA) is preparing a stockpile of these hairy sponges to send to the Great Barrier Reef, in case there’s an oil spill. Hopefully this day will never pass, but SSA member salons are collecting hair clippings for booms, just to be safe.

Twisted Desire is registered with SSA, take pride in the fact that your hair is being collected to protect our oceans.


Change Your Perception Of Hair Extensions

What women want? Perfectly-proud brows, toned legs and mermaid hair. Sadly, we might not easily achieve the first two, but the mermaid hair!!!! Well it’s time to tick that off your bucket list with some Showpony extensions.

Some of you may have seen some seriously terrible hair extensions in your time, and might be a little nervous about getting extensions put in. But don’t fear the team at Twisted Desire are experts.

They use Showpony Hair Extensions, what sets Showpony apart from others is the amazing hair quality. The quality creates an ‘extension of your own natural hair’ rather then ‘hair extensions.’ It creates a more glamorous and beautiful version of your own hair, appearing extra-ordinary from day to day.

Extensions are a commitment. You can’t just get up in the morning and look like you have just stepped out of a Disney movie. They require styling, and for you to sleep in plaits. But, Showpony extensions are seriously amazing, and will totally transform your look.

Have you ever considered getting extensions?  It is just amazing what a bit of extra hair can do.

Walk out of our salon with a spring in your step, and swoosh in your hair.


Change of Season

During winter months the air is drier and your hair may lack the moisture it needs. You may find that washing your hair less frequently and switching to an extra-moisturising shampoo and conditioner. Increasing the frequency of a deep conditioner may also help alleviate dryness, delivering the moisture your hair craves.

In addition to changing the products you use, it’s also time to rethink hairstyles. Loose strands blowing around won’t just get tangled, the wind will also strip it of its natural oils. In order to prevent damage, you should tie your hair back. Pulling hair back will protect its color—which can fade from the wind and sun—and prevent split ends. Charlize Theron constantly wears her hair off her face and her color is amazing. You can also apply a moisturising hair oil to the ends and you’ll get a lengthy conditioning treatment.

This ultra light mask of Moroccanoil’s Restorative Hair Mask contains ingredients that will replenish moisture in all hair types and textures. It contains fatty acids, antioxidant vitamins A and E (to protect hair against free radical damage), argan oil, and smells like coconuts