Hair hacks for new mums

Becoming a mum for the first time is one of the most transformative times in your life but it doesn’t mean your hair has to suffer. In the first year of being a mum, I was all about making sure my beauty regime worked smart, not hard. Even though I didn’t leave the house, er, most days, I still wanted to look good because that was part of what made me feel good.

Because you’ll be knee deep in nappies and bottles for at least the first year, I’ve come up with the ultimate list of hair tips for busy mums. From easy hairstyles to the best hair colour to have when convenience becomes your motto in life.

  • Take a French girl approach and go for a stylish but disheveled look. Wash your hair every second day or if you’re brave enough, every third day. Embrace what I like to call a miracle worker, dry shampoo, on the days when your hair starts to look oily.
  • Instead of spending hours fighting your curls, enhance them with a specialised curling product. After washing your hair, comb it with a wide-tooth comb and apply a leave-in cream that smoothes out frizz but still allows for natural movement.
  • Ditch the curling iron, and plait or braid your hair, before you hit the sack. When you wake up not only will you have an instant style but you’ve saved your hair from any heat styling.
  • Flattering on any face shape or type of hair, the lob is the perfect length for busy mums. It doesn’t take long to dry or style and is still long enough to slick back into a pony or low bun.
  • Root stretching was made for busy mums! It’s a simple way to colour your hair when you can’t keep up with regrowth. The hairdresser will use a hair colour similar to your natural tone and will blend the colour out from the roots, instead of painting a solid line of colour from the roots down to the ends.