It’s time to let Santa Shine

Sooner or later we all have to deal with grey hair, at this time of year none of us want to compete with Santa!.

Whether we’re in our twenties, thirties, or forties, that dreaded grey hair will eventually show up and you practically sprint to the salon to get your roots retouched…the cycle has started– and because grey hair has a different type of texture and does not contain the pigments found in non-grey hair, the colour may fade out pretty quickly.  Here are some genius ways to cover up between appointments.

Hide your roots for longer, if you have wavy or curly hair you can get away with grey roots because your hair has more volume, but if you have straight, flat hair, you are going to need a few products to give you a lift such as texturizers and dry shampoos.

Try some root-friendly hairstyles, braids, French twists and any interesting updos you’ve been wanting to try are the way to go. It mixes all the colours together, disguises grey and shows dimension.

From hair “lipstick” to hair “mascara,” there’s an array of temporary cover-up options that are ideal for banishing bits of grey at the roots or along the hairline. A good formula won’t streak in the rain and stays put until you shampoo.

Whether you’re covering them up or letting them shine, you’ll notice that grey hairs tend to be coarser than pigmented hair.  Keep everything under control with a rich conditioner, and use it often.

Of course, you can simply own those silver locks. Though that too requires some maintenance. An occasional dose of color counteracts the brassiness that frequently comes with grey. Swap out your regular shampoo once a week for a tinted version to give your natural colour a punch.

Or change it up and try your favourite colour today!