Return of the hair accessory

Why you need scrunchies & scarves in your life – Hello Hair

If you’re a Sex And The City fan, you might recall Carrie declaring in an episode that no woman in Manhattan would be caught dead rocking a scrunchie. She might backtrack on that statement now! Scrunchies and other cute hair accessories are back in a big way, and are popping up all over social media.

Are you thinking its time to up your hair game with some cute accessories?! You’ll be happy to know that not only are scrunchies fun to add to your look, they’re also beneficial for your hair in comparison to normal hair elastics.

Ever get a ‘too tight ponytail headache’ by the end of each day, release your ponytail, and feel so much relief?! If you’re wearing a scrunchie, your hair won’t be under so much strain and you’ll minimize your risk of strands ripping out at the same time.

Hair scarves are also an amazing addition to any up-do. Having a boring hair day? Add an accessory to your look and it will make it so much more exciting.