Summer Hair Trend Fit for Winter

As the days get shorter and cooler, people tend to turn away from any warm-weather trends that may have emerged over the summer months for new Winter styles. Bronde, a hair color trend that has the staying power to transcend seasons.

Anyone who is looking to brighten up their hair color but doesn’t want to make a drastic change. The blending of brown and blonde creates a natural-looking hair color that brightens hair. Those who hate high-maintenance hair color will love bronde. The result is a brighter, fresher color that’s sure to put some sparkle into your hair and the sun-kissed effect is equivalent to a good bronzer on your skin.

Who’s Rocking it?

While this trend gained most of its popularity in the summer, it continues to pop up on the heads of celebrities looking to change their look in a subtle, but sophisticated, way. Actress Blake Lively was one of the first to make the switch to bronde, with singer and actress Jennifer Lopez, and model Cara Delevingne also opting for this new “it” shade.

This winter, don’t abandon that sun-kissed look completely. Let a little bronde into your life and prove that a summer trend can be delightful, even when the weather outside is frightful.