The best hairstyle for long hair – The Zoe Report

Styling long hair doesn’t have to be a tedious daily mission. Sure, there’s more product to be used and extensive strands to untangle, but long-haired girls have it pretty good. Apart from being a major source of hair inspiration, longer, fuller hair seems to be at the top of everyone’s beauty bucket list.

That said, we understand that—as with any hair length and cut—you can run into a bit of a styling rut. Ladies with lengthy locks often find themselves rotating two or three looks in the name of time (and patience). If you’re in need of some fresh hair insight, look no further. We’ve handpicked our top choices, courtesy of our fave A-listers. From Kendall Jenner’s sleek pony look to Zendaya’s voluminous curls, these are the long-haired muses to keep at top of mind.