Time to Detox

Detoxing, or cleansing, has become a popular way of coping with our stressful, hurried lives. This is a set time, usually from a week to a month, where we juice or avoid specific types of food, in an effort to flush out toxins from our system.

Once a detox is done, a lot of people rush back into their old habits, why not incorporate changes from your detox into your lifestyle and create some new, healthier habits to keep those detox benefits. Though it isn’t always simple to start healthier habits, think about how you felt at the end of your detox. Sleeping better and feeling better, these are things you want to take with you. Have a day or a meal every week where you only eat raw. Buy more fresh foods, whole foods, and add them into your meals. Think about losing some of the chemicals from your household and buying organic versions instead.

Look for little ways to make your lifestyle healthier and more sustainable.